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Wine Club Newsletter
August 2020

I want to let you know just how much Benny and I appreciate your support during the pandemic. Your visits, purchases, love and prayers have kept us positive and focused on making the best wine in NC. Please know we love and value each one of you!

With all the chaos this year has brought, here at the vineyard we find it hard to believe that harvest is almost here! I mentioned in the May newsletter that spring was very late with a frost at the vineyard around May 20th. That caused a lot of our grape flower buds to freeze which caused us to lose any fruit that would have been produced from that bud.  Laurel Gray’s harvest is going to be very light this year but never fear we had a great 2019 and those wines are going to be fantastic.  So, with the virus and the freeze Ben and I are looking forward to 2021 and coloring 2020 DONE. 

For August we have decided to share a bottle of 2017 Viognier and a 2015 Scarlet Mountain. I can’t think of anything more refreshing during these dog days of summer, a cold glass of LGV Viognier and a delicious crab salad. (Make sure you check out the attached recipes.) Summer is a hard season for me to drink a big, bold red wine, probably because at this point in my life I am hot all the time. 😉 Many of you will be happy to hear that you are getting your favorite red blend, Scarlet Mountain. Because it is lighter and can even be served slightly chilled, it pairs great with burgers on the grill, pasta salads, or take out pizza. (My mama found a recipe that Benny shared when we first started dating, almost 45 years ago. I thought it would be fun to include that recipe called “Benny’s Burgers” with you this month.) 

Everyone here continues to be happy and healthy for which we are very grateful. The grandchildren are growing up so fast, both Paige and Sam start kindergarten this year and will be doing so from home. Not the way we had envisioned their first day of school but it is the year of change and compromise for everyone. 

Please be careful and stay healthy.


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